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Biblical reference

Isaiah 53 refers to Jesus Christ as the suffering servant who is horribly repressed. In the end, he is rewarded. Jesus Christ is the perfect servant. The word "perfect" is used 53 times in the Bible. Jesus Christ is the “rescuer”. The word " rescuer" is used 53 times in the Bible. Also, the term " I am" is used 53 times in the Gospel of John. In addition, the word "Pastor" is used 53 times in the New Testament and 53 times in the Old Testament . On earth, the number 53 represents Jesus Christ : Perfectly human being (5) and perfectly God (3). 53 is an indivisible number, as human beings we are indivisible with God. The number 53 represents the perfect life on earth: A man whose conscience is led by the Holy Spirit of God, the life of Jesus Christ. Our destiny is to reach that perfection.

It turns out that the 4 Gospels present Jesus Christ as the Perfect Servant, the Rescuer, the Pastor and God himself. Mathew presents Jesus Christ as the Rescuer. Mark presents him as the Servant. Luke presents him as the Pastor . And John presents him as God. 

The number 8 ( 5 + 3)

The number 8 represents the new beginning, the creation. It represents the resurrection; Jesus Christ was seen 8 times after his resurrection. After our death, the 5 and 3 will be reunited forever for the new beginning of the life in the eternity.

What does the number 53 represent in your daily life ?

Since you are indivisible with God, you have nothing to fear in this life.

Anything you want from God starts with you (the 5 precedes the 3) making the first step toward God. And God will help you. God can help you succeed in anything you try to build:

Health, love, happiness, family, business, career, faith, every part of your life and anything that can help you improve your life. You need to make the first step toward God, he is always ready to rescue you. There is no requirement. This is not about religion. This is about the relationship between you and God. 

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