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We are indivisible with God. All of us can have access to his infinite love. We have nothing to fear...

The meaning of 53 :

We are indivisible with God. The number 5 represents the human being, the grace number. The number 3 represents God, uncreated, revealed, reunited, eternal existed and manifested in the perfect relationship of Trinity: The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Everything we want from God starts with us making the first step toward him ( The number 5 precedes the number 3). That is living by Faith.

In the entire creation, only human beings have the option to return to God through Jesus Christ. We are the product of his grace. Without Jesus, humanity will perish forever. 

Jesus Christ is the perfect servant, the pastor, the " I am" and the rescuer. On earth, Jesus was the 53: Perfectly man and God...

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